NEW! Organic Night Elixir
NEW! Organic Night Elixir

NEW! Organic Night Elixir

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Our deep hydrating Organic Night Elixir gives occlusive moisture from organic pomegranate, jojoba, and apricot oil that nourishes, brightens and moisturizes while you sleep. Made with gently exfoliating papaya and mango extracts that remove dry, dead skin to smooth and improve absorption.

The Night Elixir is made for extra dry skin common with high altitude locations as well as aging and menopausal skin. Packed with vitamins A, B, and C to promote radiant complexion, maintain skin elasticity, and balance natural oils. 

Next time you get the urge to reach for the coconut oil - STOP! This is a much more nourishing option that your skin and pillowcase with thank you for. 

NOTE: Slightly grainy texture is optional & intentional! The exfoliant will eliminate dry patches and improve absorption. Great used alone and as a Step 2! (Leave settled to skip the exfolation).

1 oz Glass Dropper Bottle - Scent-free

Turn upside down and shake well before use for added exfoliation -or- leave settled to dispense without exfoliant. Apply to clean face and neck before bed, or after a mask for deep hydration and nutrient boost. 

For a lighter morning moisturizer or under makeup try the morning Organic Facial Glow Oil.

Ingredients: Ingredients: *Organic Apricot Oil, *Organic Jojoba Oil,*Pomegranate Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, *Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Papaya Extract, Mango Extract, Vitamin E (non-GMO)
*Certified Organic Ingredient